Sunday, April 4, 2010

"we just wanted a yard"

When I unexpectedly found myself pregnant in 2007 I remember being horribly depressed that I was going to have a child who had to live in an apartment and not have a yard.

I did not even want to set up his bedroom because I felt like it was inferior.

July 2008 when the kid was 3 months old we moved into a very nice house....3 bedrooms, 2 baths over 1700 square feet, fenced back yard... we moved to a new town with the idea that I would go back to work in August and we would have lots of money to pay the $900 a month rent. We chose this house for the "idea"- a happy family with a garden and fenced back yard for the kids to play... room for family to spend the night...a kitchen to cook in.

Then I went back to work...it sucked...I quit and stayed home for a year. Life was better. I began my frugal adventures...and slowly I learned.

to do coupons, make meals ahead of time, eat out less, buy used, sell things we no longer needed.

We made it, well sort of we racked up debt over that year.

Now I am working again. Full time. and for some reason we seem more poor than when i was not working at all.

So we are working on some big changes based on what we have learned in the last 2 years.

we are moving into an apartment complex with a park. This will save us approximately $400 a month. We considered buying but decided we are not ready for the commitment.

I am consolidating my school loans.

and selling more stuff and making a plan to stay on a food budget again.

because now I realize that time is what I would like to give my children, not stuff.

and you know that fancy backyard we rented this house for...it floods constantly and stays wet for months at a time so we hardly ever play in it.