Saturday, May 30, 2009

Begging or fundraising?

So when did it become socially acceptable to let children beg for money on street corners in America??
I went to old navy this morning and was accosted by not 1 but 3 different groups of children asking for money. Sure 2 of them offered something in return... raffle tickets or chocolate but a chocolate bar or meager chance to win some dumb prize does not sooth my annoyance at being asked for money by children. Of course it was for a "good" cause. Cheer leading camp, dance team, baseball! Since when did it become my responsibility to help your child monetarily to do something you chose??? I am all about helping worthy causes...starving kids, cancer battlers, Jerry's kids....you know VICTIMS, the less fortunate. I don't even mind paying to get my car washed by a group trying to raise some money to go on some big trip or something. But that is where I draw the line. I am so sick of seeing all of these kids made to go up to strangers and beg for money while mommy and daddy sit by and watch. ITS RUDE AND ITS WRONG!

PS I did get some great deals at Old Navy- all of their clearance is an additional 50% off! I got 10 items for hubs and the kid (shirts, hat, pj, jackets, sweaters) for around $12... TOTAL!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Food waste Friday

The tubs contained leftovers from the Kids birthday party and since they sat out a little longer than normal when served I got nervous about eating them closer to the end of the week. Better to waste some food then end up SICK!
On top is an enchilada, not a huge fan :(
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I skipped going to the store last week, because we had lots of party leftovers. I was out of fresh fruit and we have a busy weekend planned so I went ahead and went to the store at 10:30 pm!! It was awesome! I score lots of great deals and there was no lines.

I got all this for under $50! Gotta love coupons and manager specials!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Upping my grocery budget/Kroger Visit

I have decided to raise my grocery budget to $70 a week. The kid is eating more and more and I try to feed him some/most ??? well ok as much as possible organic foods and I am attempting to feed us healthier ie more fresh less processed foods.

Today I spent just about right at $70- groceries were $64.43 and I also bought 4 papers at walgreens- $5.

***The kids birthday is this week and I am doing a seperate shopping trip for that and I will not be counting that in my regular grocery budget. ****

I forgot milk and they were out of lettuce, so I will be over budget by $4 but I bought a lot of meat to go in the freezer so it should even out next week.


6 Ribeye steaks- marked down

2 pks chicken tenderloins

1 pk chicken breast

2.5 lbs of hamburger- marked down


2 cucumbers

2 zuchinni


3 apples

4 sweet potatoes

3 sweet videlia onions


ice cream



2 Bertoni Raviolis - marked down

2 cans of pineapple

4 pks of wipes

1 box of kashi waffles

1 Kashi pizza

Yobaby yogurt- marked down

Saturday, May 9, 2009

oops... last weeks shopping

2 taco meals
2 gortons shrimp
mt dew
pork chops
3 tomatos
5 corn
2 zuchinni
4 apples
2 cottage cheese
jar of peaches
2 loafs of bread
fresh brussle sprouts
4 pk of squeeze organic yogurt
2 baby utensil kits (clearance for $.99)
4 gerber prune apple juices (clearance $1.09)

Food Waste

THis was a bad week!! We went out of town earlier than I thought we would so we had some veggies go bad. REAL BAD!! my fridge was soo stinky that as soon as I got home I chunked stuff in the trash thus no picture.

1 head of kale
some lettuce
1/2 cup of beans
2 zucchini's
a cup of buttermilk

Frugal Vacation Tips

We just got back from a 3 day vacation to Shreveport LA. WE had a great time and got some great deals along the way!

My top 8 travel tips
  1. travel during the week instead of weekends
  2. haggle on your hotel stay if they have lots of rooms available
  3. bring your own car snacks
  4. split entrees at restaurants for dinner
  5. go for lunch at the more expensive restaurants
  6. find free entertainment
  7. go to the info booth whereever you are and ask for coupons and information
  8. at casinos make sure to sign up for their players cards

we stayed at 2 different hotel/casinos - Diamond Jacks and the Horseshoe

Our total for 2 nights was $146 including all taxes and fees

We signed up for players cards at each casino and at Diamond Jacks we received $10 each in free slot play for each of us and at the Horseshoe we received 2 buffet meals on each of our cards (we only used the ones on mine).

For cheap entertainment we went and walked around the Lousianna Boardwalk shopping area and we went to the Libby glass factory. We bought hubs a new pair of shades and me some glass stuff. We also went and the saw the new Star Trek Movie (awesome!)

We had a budget of $500 that we stuck to for the 3 days including lodging, food, shopping, entertainment and gambling.

Friday, May 1, 2009