Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ways I save on electricity

1. energy efficient appliances
2. shut the air vents and the doors in the rooms we dont use - guest room and guest bath
3run our ceiling fans constantly bc I read somewhere that helps your air conditioning be more efficient by around 30%
4. turned up the thermostat to 75 during the day and then to 70 at night- when I go back to work I will turn it up to 80 when we are not here during the day- for Christmas I want a digital thermostat that we can set
5. we are slowly changing over to the super bulbs that last for 7 years and use less energy and put out less heat- every time a regular bulb dies we replace it with an energy efficient.
6. almost completely quit using the clothes dryer- I hang everything outside on our clothesline or on a rack inside
7. put the dishwasher on air dry
8. only run full loads in the dishwasher/washer and run them on the light or regular cycles

This has kept our electricity bill in the summer in southern Arkansas in a 1700 square foot home to $200 a month - some of the changes we have just started and we should see the results next month including- the not using the clothes dryer and installing the new light bulbs.

Some of the more extreme things I have been thinking of trying include: unplugging the tvs and other appliances when not in use and turning off the computer everyday.

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