Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yard Sale

I made $181.50 for doing around 10 hours of work today!!! $18 an hour isnt a bad paycheck and I got a lot of stuff cleaned out of the house. There is still alot left. The baby stuff is going to be consigned at the Duck Duck Goose Sale (http://www.duckduckgoosesale.com/), some of the books are being donated to the library because they are having a book sale fundraiser and some are going to be traded in at the used book store for some new books, some of the other stuff and all of the leftover clothes are being donated and then a couple of medium sized boxes are going to be stored in the garage because my friend Breanna is having her yard sale in a couple of weeks and invited her friends to join! Originally I was just going to do a yard sale with her but I had way to much crap since we just moved into the new house and had the baby, plus that sale will be more about socializing since some of her friends from work that I dont know will be there.... YA potential new friend people!

Running total for savings
$100 that my parents paid us to watch their cat for 2 weeks while they were on vacation +$5 in coupons + $181.50 from the yardsale = $286.50

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