Thursday, December 11, 2008

A "Naked Line"

We moved in June and where we moved to ONLY had DSL or dial for internet, no cable. I called to sign up and was told I had to have a phone... even though I was never going to use it. I got the most basic plan, which they say is $18 a month but after fees, it was more like $30. So that with the basic DSL was around $50 a month. Fast forward a couple of months and I heard a rumor from a friend that you could get "a naked line" with no phone on it if you knew to ask. No way... So I called and I got it and I am saving $25 a month. (would be $30 a month but I have Direct TV and if you are not connected to a phone line for pay per view they charge you $5 a month). I am just bummed that I am out $150 from those 6 months. I am transferring that $25 a month to a high interest savings plan with ING.

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