Monday, May 11, 2009

Upping my grocery budget/Kroger Visit

I have decided to raise my grocery budget to $70 a week. The kid is eating more and more and I try to feed him some/most ??? well ok as much as possible organic foods and I am attempting to feed us healthier ie more fresh less processed foods.

Today I spent just about right at $70- groceries were $64.43 and I also bought 4 papers at walgreens- $5.

***The kids birthday is this week and I am doing a seperate shopping trip for that and I will not be counting that in my regular grocery budget. ****

I forgot milk and they were out of lettuce, so I will be over budget by $4 but I bought a lot of meat to go in the freezer so it should even out next week.


6 Ribeye steaks- marked down

2 pks chicken tenderloins

1 pk chicken breast

2.5 lbs of hamburger- marked down


2 cucumbers

2 zuchinni


3 apples

4 sweet potatoes

3 sweet videlia onions


ice cream



2 Bertoni Raviolis - marked down

2 cans of pineapple

4 pks of wipes

1 box of kashi waffles

1 Kashi pizza

Yobaby yogurt- marked down

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