Saturday, May 9, 2009

Frugal Vacation Tips

We just got back from a 3 day vacation to Shreveport LA. WE had a great time and got some great deals along the way!

My top 8 travel tips
  1. travel during the week instead of weekends
  2. haggle on your hotel stay if they have lots of rooms available
  3. bring your own car snacks
  4. split entrees at restaurants for dinner
  5. go for lunch at the more expensive restaurants
  6. find free entertainment
  7. go to the info booth whereever you are and ask for coupons and information
  8. at casinos make sure to sign up for their players cards

we stayed at 2 different hotel/casinos - Diamond Jacks and the Horseshoe

Our total for 2 nights was $146 including all taxes and fees

We signed up for players cards at each casino and at Diamond Jacks we received $10 each in free slot play for each of us and at the Horseshoe we received 2 buffet meals on each of our cards (we only used the ones on mine).

For cheap entertainment we went and walked around the Lousianna Boardwalk shopping area and we went to the Libby glass factory. We bought hubs a new pair of shades and me some glass stuff. We also went and the saw the new Star Trek Movie (awesome!)

We had a budget of $500 that we stuck to for the 3 days including lodging, food, shopping, entertainment and gambling.

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