Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bottled Water

I read this story about how Coke and Pepsi are scared that because of the economy people will stop buying bottled water. The story was so-so but the comments that people left were highly thought provoking. Several people talked about the environmental concerns brought on by the sheer volume of non-recycled plastic bottles, to this some people pointed out that people buy cokes and mt. dews in plastic bottles all the time so why pick on people who drink water? That made me remember when you could still buy soda in glass bottles and cans and that was it. I wonder if it was costs or convenience that caused the plastic craze of today?? Probably costs: plastic is CHEAP. I hate plastic. I want to replace all the kid's plastic toys with wooden, all my plastic food containers with glass, and all of our plastic drinking bottles with metal ones.... that is my eventually goal. For right now I would settle with me remembering to take my cloth shopping bags with me when I go to the store.


Megan said...

You could always you use cloth diapers ;)

Those would reduce your carbon foot print!

Renee said...

I KNOW!! I really need to...fear of the unknown I guess.