Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning Challenge

I require outside motivation to clean sometimes.

Well probably all the time. I can not lie, I really HATE cleaning.

Especially when it comes to my
sewing/craft/coupon/computer/guest/storage/yardsale room.

It is MY room of everything and I LOVE it.

I have an everything room because my hubs is very neat and mess makes him itch so I get my own room for all my "projects".

(then I shut the door and he does not have to see MY MESS)

But my mess got out of control even for me.

My friend Megan and I decided to have a 24 challenge to see who could clean their everything rooms.

It turned into more of a 48 hour challenge because we are both:

moms to itty bitties, wives, AND students.

Now it is done and I think like it.

But I have to confess...a clean room always makes me want to make a mess.

FYI all the totes are filled with stuff for our upcoming Benton Area Moms Yardsale.

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