Friday, February 20, 2009

Food Budget Review for January & February

I have been naughty.
This frugal girl has not been keeping track of her household spending AT ALL!
Since we do all of our spending through a credit card that we pay off each month it was easy enough to go back through and add up all of our purchases. I was happy with our grocery bills but very unhappy with how much we spent on eating out!

We budget $200 a month on groceries and household supplies and $120 a month on eating out.

Groceries and all household supplies including medicines but not including baby stuff.
Total: $238.91
I went over by $38.91 but I am really not surprised considering the great sales that Kroger was having and how much I got stocked up.

Eating Out- includes any food/drink item purchased not at a grocery store.
Total: $244.79

Ouch this was way higher than I thought it would be. I have got to start making Kirt's lunches again and having a better plan for our meals so I don't hit the easy button and get Kirt to pick up Subway on his way home.

Yes I know there is one more week in February but I have bought all my groceries through that time frame so the only that is going to be added is eating out.

February Groceries
Total: $123.82

February Eating Out
Total: $131.32

Already over and there is a week to go, bleh.

Maybe March should be NO eating out March...I like a challeng but how am I going to convince hubs this is a good idea?

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Laura said...

Hi Renee! How are you guys doing? Your little one is adorable! I love reading your blog - it helped inspire me to start saving too. And can I just say - 200 a month on groceries? HOW? We budget 400 and sometimes go over and that's with me clipping coupons. We budget 200 a month for going out/entertainment and that has been a huuuge money saver for us (we could lower it, but we like the "freedom" of having a cushion). I'd love to lower our grocery bill that much! Teach me. :)

Hope you're well. Tell Kirk I said hi - it's been a loooong time!