Friday, February 6, 2009

Loadable Coupon Sites

If you have never tried a loadable coupon site before and you shop at Kroger then you are definitely missing out.

Couple of things about loadable coupons
  1. They do not double.
  2. They can be combined with a paper coupon (and preferably a sale for the best savings).
  3. They come off automatically when you buy the product indicated.
  4. If for some reason they do not come off you can contact each individual sites customer service and they will take care of the problem- Kroger can not help you and the cashier will have NO idea what you are talking about.
  5. The coupon/discount does not come off in the normal place all the time, check the whole receipt.
  6. The coupons usually take 1 hour to load on your card- I have always waited longer for the just in case factor, I do not like returning items or dealing with customer service.

Cellfire- good site, gives fewer coupons than the other sites and mostly has Kroger brand coupons.

****It says to use a cell phone number and it will send a text to verify. I DO NOT give out my cell phone number because I hate getting ad calls. I gave my old home phone number that is disconnected and then I just tried signing in and it worked.****

Some current coupons:

Save $.50 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One® Chewy Bars

Save $.50 when you buy any Pillsbury® Italian Meal Bread

Save $.75 when you buy any Kroger 16 ounce Cottage Cheese

Save $.75 when you buy any Kroger Canned Tuna

Shortcuts: great site, lots of variety.

Some current coupons:

SAVE $1.50 Good on any package of HUGGIES® Diapers

SAVE $.50 when you buy TWO any flavor Progresso® Soups

Save $1 When you buy any FIVE cans of Hunt's® Tomatoes

Proctor & Gamble: these coupons are all home and body care items, they also will periodically put pampers coupons on for wipes and diapers, which make an awesome deal when combined with a paper coupon.

Some current coupons:

Save $2.00 on ALWAYS PADS


Save $1.25 on PAMPERS

Save $1.50 on CREST

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Kami said...

This is my goal for this week! I want to get these all set up. I did get the Walgreen rebates working though! Hopefully, I'll get my gift card soon.