Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Benton Kroger Coupon Policies

  1. Doubles up to $.65 (up to the price of the item- will not give overage)
  2. Only doubles 8 like coupons at a time
  3. Have lots of Catalina deals where you can buy so many of one item or brand and coupon will print for a dollar amount off your next order. You can buy the items with coupons!

Example of one I did before Christmas: Buy 8 philly cream cheeses and get $4 off your next order- I had coupons for $.50/2 which doubled, they were on sale for $1.25.

So 8 x $1.25 - 4 (.50 x 2) = $6 and then I received a $4 coupon for my next order making my 8 cream cheese cost $2- which was great for all the holiday cooking.

I have also received free yeast to make bread with this kind of offer.

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