Friday, January 9, 2009

Kmart Plan for 1/11

Well I did not make it to KMart this morning. The kid has been cutting a tooth and had me up half the night and when he went back down around 7 am, I took a nap! This is the list of things that I am going to look for if I do make it down town to the KMart Super Doubles Event. These prices and deals have come from the KMart Ad and from Hot Coupon World, and may not end up being the prices at my store. (I hate when that happens!)

Some Reported Prices on Hot Coupon World
Free - Hormel Compleats $2 -$1/1 12/7/08 SS
Free - Motts 4 Tots 64 oz 5/$10 $1/1 12/7/08 SS
Free - Reynold's Rapid Release non-stick heavy duty 35 sq ft $2.00 12/14/08 SS
Free - Rolaids 3-pack rolls $1.79$1/1 1/4/09 insert
Free - Trident Gum 3-pk $2/4 $1/1 12/7/08 SS
Free - Tums Smoothies 12 ct $1.89$1/1 11/16/08 SS
From KMarts Current Ad's
Crest spin brushes- $1 off plus $1 coupon doubled
Free - Mentos gum $1.89 -$1 Q
Ziplock Containers- 2.50 each Q in the 1/11
Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter- 50% plus $1/1 11/23 SS
Free - Airwick Luminaire $4.99- $5/1 12/7 SS

Coupons that I have that hopefully will make some of these items FREE or close to it!
Reach dental floss- $1 Q
No nonsense panty hose- $1.50 Q
Maloxx $2 Q
Mr. Clean .50 Q
Dawn simple pleasures $1Q
Excedrin- 80ct. $2Q
Hefty trash bags- $1Q
Sanihand wipes- $1Q
Vaseline lotion- 800ml or larger- $1.50Q
Minute Rice Product- $1Q
GE energy smart light bulb $1 Q(on singles)
Colgate $1.50 Q
Tide total care $1Q
Icy hot, aspercreme- on ANY one $1Q
Schick disposable razors and refills $2Q
Endust $2Q

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