Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coupons coming out that match the Kroger Sale

So I just checked the some sources that say what coupons are SUPPOSEDLY coming out this coming Sunday! There are some good match ups with the current Kroger sale so make sure to check it out and if they are in there, buy multiples! I saw very little in the paper this week for me so I am thinking of just doing an order on thecouponclippers.com for multiples of what I need and more chili coupons. If anyone is interested in ordering with me, let me know by Saturday night what you want and how many.

Fiber One Bars - .50/1
El Monterrey Taquitos - 1/1
Pace Picante Sauce - .75/2
Totinos Pizza rolls - .35/1
Wheat thins, triscuits, Ritz - 2/2
Chex Mix .50/1

Hey Megan! Just for you...Pert Plus coupons!!!!

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