Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kroger Mega Event Starts 1/21

So I was super excited to hear that we were getting a Mega Event at Kroger for the next two weeks. Unfortunately I could not see the ad til today!! and found out that some of our prices are higher than what people in other states are reporting, HOW RUDE! I was telling hubs that our mustard wasn't going to be FREE but rather .19 and he laughed at me! and said it is still only .19 for something we use. Well ya but, oh never mind... men just never get it!

Mega Event- Buy 10 participating items and get $5 off your bill (.50 off each item) - I am posting the price you will pay after the $5 comes off your bill. You can get up to $15 off each transaction if you buy 30 items. Also you can buy any combination of items as long as you get a total of 10, $5 will automatically come off your bill and this deal can be combined with coupons and loadable making some items FREE or pretty close to it!

Here are the things that I am interested in. FYI the second price is the price after coupons.
Kraft Cheeses - $2.09 - $1.34
Kraft Mayo -$2.50 = $1.50
Mircle Whip- $2.50 = $2 each but you have to buy 2
Frenchs Yellow Mustard- $1.19 = .19
Daisy Sour Cream 16 oz. - $1.89 = .89
Rotel- $.50 (there is a coupon out that there that would make you money on this one as well, I am debating on ordering some!)
Kens Salad Dressing- $1.50 = $.50
Hormel Chili - $.50 = make .05 a can (yes they are going to pay you to take home chili)
Pizza Rolls -$2.50 = 1.80
Armour Meatballs -$2 = .90
Green Giant Steamers with Sauce - $1.09 = .09

Honorable Mentions (not on the buy 10 Sale)
Tyson Frozen breast or tenders- $4.99 for 2.5 lb bag
Hormel Dinner Entrees - $3.99
Kroger Skim or 1% milk- $2.99 a gallon
Green Onions 2/$1

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Kami said...

Woo hoo! I can't wait to get my game plan down tomorrow!