Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Disaster preparedness & Krogers!

It is COLD outside and yucky and we "might" get ice accumulations which in Arkansas means loss of power for an indeterminate amount of time. So today me and Jackson braved the cold to go to Home Depot because our grill was out of gas. Then we met up with Megan & Paxton to get some cheap groceries at Krogers. I love Benton's Kroger. They are always so helpful and they always let mothers with small children go in the 15 items or less line even when they have 10 million items. I went ahead and picked up some bottled water but only because it was on a managers special for 24/$2.50 for Ozarka Spring 16 ounce?? bottles.
Anywho! So now we have gas to cook with if the power goes, water to drink, and I made some rolls and a loaf of bread is currently in the breadmaker. Then I did the dishes and washed a load of towels. The baby is napping and life is GOOD!

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