Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walgreens Basics

The Easy Saver Magazine is put out monthly, inside you will see all of the rebates for the month and there are also instant value coupons to cut. The Easy Saver can be found in paper form at the front of the store by the weekly ad papers. You can also view them online here.

Couple of things about coupons at Walgreens.

  1. Walgreens coupons can be stacked (combined) with manufactures coupons.
  2. Manufactures coupons need to be given to the cashier first before any Walgreens coupons to avoid beeping (when the register rejects a coupon).
  3. You can use coupons to buy something you are going to get a Register Reward for.

Register Rewards: these are like cash to be used at Walgreens within a set amount of time- watch the expiration dates, it sucks if you don't notice and find it expired!

  1. Once in a while they wont print (has not happen to me personally yet), have the manager re ring you up a another register if they still don't print- return your items and get your coupons back!
  2. You can also write to the Catalina Company (they are the makers of the machine) and get your issues resolved that way.
  3. Register Rewards cannot be used on the same deal to get the deal again. For example if Dove Shampoo is buy 2 get a $5 RR, I cannot turn around to use the $5 RR to buy more Dove and expect the RR to print again.
  4. You can "roll" the RR into other deals by different makers or use them on FAR products.
  5. You can only redeem 1 RR per transaction but you can do multiple transactions, just split your order up. (I actually try to not leave the store with a RR at all, I will make a plan so when I check out, I seperate my order- first I buy the stuff that will print out the RR and then I use the RR to pay for rest.)

Free After Rebate (FAR)- Walgreens puts out several items a month that are free after rebate- you can use a manufactures coupon on these and get the full sale price back, therefor you would make money on the FAR products.

Rebates from Walgreens

  1. Can be done online quickly and easily!
  2. If you allow them to put the money on a Walgreens gift card they will add 10%, again making you money. (I have been shopping at Walgreens for the past few months and have very rarely needed anymore money out of pocket I just keep refilling the Walgreens card at the end of the month and then use that money for the current months deal

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Carrie said...

Girl! I hate that I left the play group so early and missed this conversation...I have been interested in the Walgreen's RR and such but I didn't know how it worked. So I will have to talk with you more about it when I see you next time...