Monday, November 17, 2008

Cloth Diapers

I am considering cloth diapers. But I have to admit I am scared of the laundry that comes with cloth diapers (oh ya and did I mention cloth wipes). I have been researching all the different types both online and talking to the one person I know who uses cloth diapers. I have always hated disposable diapers, they are bad for the environment and also all that plastic ick and have you ever seen the gel from the inside of the diaper??? it just can't be good for the baby. Oh ya and it saves money which I am definitely down with.

I am the first to admit it though, I am kinda lazy when it comes to laundry and I would have to get my shit together if we did switch to cloth. LOL i couldn't resist!

My hubby admits that while he is down with trying it, he is not so sure that it is a good idea for us (because I am kinda lazy about laundry).

But as I watch the Today show talk about the environment I realize that everyone is going to have to start doing their part for this planet to keep it alive and I am going to have to just get over my laundry laziness, or at least give it a really good try.

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psuklinkie said...

When I was a baby, my grandmother kept me in cloth diapers. Not only was I potty-trained quickly but, she tells me, I almost never had diaper rash.
She was also a little ... slow about laundry, but she combated truly disgusting diaper laundry through her tried and true method of poop-cleaning: swirl the dirty diaper in the (flushed!) toilet bowl until all the solids and such are gone. Flush the waste and your diaper is in a much more washing friendly state.
Hope this comment helps! It's great that you want to go green with even inconvenient items, like diapers. Keep up the great work and good luck!