Monday, November 3, 2008

November Spending

So far for November I have spent $88.43. That's a lot of money to have spent in 3 days. But it was money well spent on things that really mattered to me and my family. Money is such an easy thing to lose track of, for years while I kept track of my bills and such I never tried to stay on a budget and never really tracked what I have spent on food and extras. Recently I have been trying harder to keep track of exactly what we spend because it is soo easy to over spend when you don't pay attention (or lie to yourself about what you are really spending, this is what I do,). You think well we haven't gone out to eat much this month, but then if you added it all up its over $500. As humans we don't really have good memories, I mean think about it, women forget the pain of childbirth....that's got to be way harder to forget than say the $4.50 you spent on coffee last Tuesday morning and the $11.76 you spent on clearanced Halloween stuff on Saturday.

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