Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Sale

Today I stumbled upon a GREAT sale at Walmart, a store I usually hate. I was just stopping in to fill a prescription and out of the magical sky came a voice that said "ALL Halloween merchandise is now 25 Cents each" My heart started to beat faster and my once slow pace quickened to almost a run, when I got to the Halloween aisle it was full of people with carts and I couldn't get in so I left the cart, grabbed the kid in his seat and my purse and started down the aisle grabbing what I could. INSANE I know. After my first trip down the aisle my arms were full so I went back and got my cart and slowly scooted down the aisle filling it up as I went. I got everything a girl could want for a total of $12.18, original prices would have been over a $150!

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